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Eyewear Technology

Whether your needs are stylish or rugged, regular or safety (Z-87). We have a frame selection coupled with advanced lens technologies such as antireflective coatings, scratch resistance, progressive multifocal and  and adapting tints to fill your needs.
Contact Lenses
Whether it is disposables, toric lenses for astigmatism, contacts for presbyopia and bifocals, we have options to fit many people with the latest in contact lens design.
We have both nonprescription sunglasses and prescription sunwear.  Enjoy eyewear with magnetic clip-ons to make one pair of glasses work as two. 
Sports Vision Eyewear
Sports vision eyewear prevent injuries, improve sports performance, and eliminate fogging with specialized eyewear.more

 "Our most important job is to give you complete quality care. That’s why we have taken hundreds of hours of continuing education and utilize the most state-of-the-art equipment available. We want you to benefit from every innovation in vision care.”

Drs. Cook and Cook have combined their talents and experience into one comprehensive eye care practice. This husband/wife team practice in historic Guthrie, Oklahoma -- the first capitol of Oklahoma.

Advanced Eye & Vision Care
Patient Testimonials

Mrs. Helen Tompson
“Dr Doug and Lisa Cook took the time to explain my eye conditions. ...”

Mr. John Anderson
“I was able to see the inside of my eye.  The equipment, the staff and the doctors are terrific...”

Mr. Glen Harding
“He was able to see me right away to get that piece of metal out of my eye.  I didn't have to miss a day of work.”

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